2018 Census Comparison Report


Once per year the Lee County Homeless Coalition, with the help of many volunteers, conducts a Point in Time (PIT) census to count individuals and families who are homeless. The data is provided to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and assists in developing services to meet the specific needs of individuals and families who are homeless in Lee County. The PIT count, which asked people where they slept the night of January 20, 2018, included both sheltered and unsheltered homeless individuals and families. Download the full report here.

PIT Survey Results and Comparison 2016 2017 2018 Trend
Total Homeless Individuals 439 431 728[1] 68.91%
Total Homeless Households with Children 41 38 90[2] 136.84%
Chronic Homeless[3] 90 65 132 103.08%
Veteran 18 14 18 28.57%
Youth 34 23 22 -4.35%
Individuals Homeless as a result of Hurricane Irma[4] 257
Households with Children as a result of Hurricane Irma[5] 43
Households Homeless as a result of Hurricane Irma[6] 86

It is important to note that the PIT count is a snapshot in time only of homeless individuals and families living on the streets or in shelters during a 24-hour period. It does not account for fluctuations over time of the number of homeless throughout a given year. The PIT does provide important data that can be extrapolated to show trends and successes of programs offered by homeless agency service providers. The PIT count along with data obtained through the Lee County Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) found that during the course of the year, there are an estimated 2,957 people who experience homelessness in Lee County.

Housing and service programs for persons experiencing homelessness are provided, in part, through Continuum of Care funding from the state of Florida and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. In 2017, Community Assisted and Supported Living, Inc. received renewal funding for two rental subsidy programs and two permanent housing programs, and additional funding to expand an existing permanent housing program. The Salvation Army Fort Myers Area Command received funds to expand the rapid rehousing program to permanently house eligible families who are homeless. The Lee County Department of Human and Veteran Services received funds for planning, which will provide additional resources to strengthen the local homelessness response system. The total amount awarded to the Continuum of Care in Lee County was $1,739,532.

The Lee County Homeless Coalition would like to extend a special thank you to the volunteers that assisted with this year’s PIT count.

[1] Includes individuals who are homeless as a result of Hurricane Irma
[2] Includes households with children who are homeless as a result of Hurricane Irma
[3] HUD defines chronic homelessness as “an unaccompanied adult homeless individual with a disabling condition who has either continuously been homeless for a year or more or has had at least four episodes of homelessness in the past three years.”
[4] The individuals and families who were homeless as a result of Hurricane Irma was obtained from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Temporary Shelter Assistance (TSA) data.
[5] Ibid.
[6] Ibid.

2018 Annual Report Executive Summary

Lee County Homeless Coalition 2018 Annual Report Executive Summary

2018 Lee County Homeless Coalition Annual Report Executive Summary

The mission of the Lee County Homeless Coalition is “to advocate, educate, and promote awareness of issues and obstacles facing homeless individuals in Lee County through community collaboration, planning, and implementing solutions.” Learn more about how we fulfill that mission together. We hope that this 2018 Annual Report Executive Summary helps you better understand what our agency does and how you can join together with others to support our efforts to end homelessness.

We work together to help ensure that homelessness is rare, brief, and nonrecurring. You can support the Coalition by giving of your time and talents and becoming a member. If you are moved to make a financial donation to support our efforts, please click here to learn more. Together we can help individuals & families escape the trauma of homelessness.

Thank You to the Lee County Board of County Commissioners for Their Proclamation for Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Month!

There are an estimated 2,785 homeless in Lee County.  The homeless count completed in January 2017 indicated that of the sampling, 15.08% were chronic homeless, 3.25% were veterans, 35.5% reported having a disabling condition and among the 431 sampled were 38 families with 70 children; and

Whereas, the primary cause of homelessness is poverty and the lack of housing that is affordable to very low-income people, further complicated by domestic violence, substance abuse and mental illness; and

Whereas, the mission of the Lee County Homeless Coalition is to advocate, educate, and promote awareness of issues and obstacles facing homeless individuals in Lee County through community collaboration, planning and implementing solutions; and

Whereas, the month of November is designated as Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Month to educate the public and bring awareness to the needs of the homeless; and

Whereas, the Lee County Homeless Coalition will sponsor several events during Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Month to promote awareness in the community and to encourage support for homeless assistance service providers; and

Whereas, the Lee County Homeless Coalition will sponsor the “Homeless Challenge- Walk a Mile in their Shoes” as an educational program providing awareness to those who participate. During this event participants will become familiar with the social services network and methods of everyday survival for those who live on the streets. This Challenge will provide an experience that has the power to effect change.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE Board of County Commissioners of Lee County, Florida, does hereby proclaim the month of November 2017 as “HUNGER and HOMELESSNESS AWARENESS MONTH” in Lee County and recognizes that this is a month of special importance and encourages all citizens to recognize that many people do not have housing and need support from citizens, and public/private nonprofit service entities.

Thank You to Our 2017 Silent Auction Sponsors and Supporters!

There are several people, companies and nonprofit agencies that we want to recognize for their support for the 13th Annual Dinner and Silent Auction. Although we canceled the dinner and moved the Silent Auction online, we were blessed with resolute, generous support from the following leaders. Thank you for your sponsorship after Hurricane Irma:

  • The Housing Authority City of Fort Myers’ Gold Sponsorship of $1,000.00
  • Gaile Anthoney’s Gold Sponsorship of $1,000.00
  • Amy Davies’ Gold Sponsorship of $1,000.00
  • Faith Presbyterian’s Silver Sponsorship of $500.00
  • Barraco and Associates’ Silver Sponsorship of $500.00
  • AIM Engineering and Surveying, Inc.’s Silver Sponsorship of $500.00
  • Family Health Centers’ Bronze Sponsorship of $300.00
  • Lutheran Services’ Bronze Sponsorship of $300.00
  • Clean Skies and Joe Fossella’s Bronze Sponsorship of $300.00
  • St. Columbkille Knights of Columbus’ Bronze Sponsorship of $300.00

Likewise, we want to thank the following individuals for their donations to support the Coalition this year:

  • Donna and Michael Rousseau’s Support of $150.00
  • Raymond and Janice Paquet’s Support of $150.00
  • Dale and Terrie Hall’s Support of $150.00
  • Charles and Carrie Lucas’s Support of $150.00
  • Paul and Caron St. Jean’s Support of $150.00
  • Johnny Limbaugh and Wright Construction’s Support of $150.00
  • Leesa Abbott’s Sponsorship of $130.00

Despite the hardships our community faces after Hurricane Irma, we have seen a resilience in our community that demonstrates a resolute commitment to serve the hungry and homeless after the storm. Thank you again for your generous contribution this year!