Fighting Housing Insecurity in the US is sharing a brand-new guide just published on housing insecurity in the U.S., a growing problem that has been exacerbated by Covid-19. To address this need, has partnered with experts to provide a playbook for finding housing assistance, including breakouts for specific groups such as low-income families, veterans, seniors, and college students, among several others.
Find out more in this Guide to Housing Assistance Programs & Resources. 

Lee County is Seeking Partners in the Rapid Rehousing Program

Attention Landlords and property managers: Lee County is seeking landlords...

Extension of Federal Eviction Moratorium

The Biden administration has announced an extension of the federal eviction...

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  1. Roy Spegele December 21, 2020 Reply

    The city of Cape coral has money to waste on everything even a free vacation for the the mayor to go to China. But they can’t find money for a homeless shelter? They found money for a dog shelter, and new firehouse and money to plant new tree on Hancock bridge pkwy. The democrats in this city waste more tax payer money on things they want let them do something for the homeless in this city.

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