FEATURED on the News-Press, Homeless in Lee County: A day in the life

Mike Daly downed a last cup of coffee at his Fort Myers motel, steeling himself for the moment a few hours from now when he would again be on the streets.

Homeless on and off since 2005, Daly had been kicked out of the Fort Myers Rescue Mission for refusing to do a chore because he’s disabled. Besides fourth-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, he’s in remission for male breast cancer and has a bipolar disorder.

Stepping onto U.S. 41, Daly had $65 in cash, $5 in food stamps and his next disability check wasn’t due to arrive until Dec. 3.

What would you do in his place?

To help people understand what it’s like to be Daly, the Lee County Homeless Coalition every year organizes the Homeless Challenge, inviting all comers to walk a mile or few around Fort Myers in a homeless person’s shoes…

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