The 4 Parts of Lee County’s Homelessness Response System

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Lee County Human & Veteran Services has a dedicated team of employees and community connections to assist those facing homelessness. From initial assessments to connecting individuals with the resources they need, this team works together hoping that homelessness is a short-lived and one-time occurrence.

Coordinated Entry System (CES) and Salvation Army Homeless Resource Day Center

The Coordinated Entry System is available 24/7/365 to ensure all individuals experiencing a housing crisis have access to limited community resources. If you are experiencing a housing crisis one of your first steps should be to call CES at (239) 533-7996. Staff will help you complete a 15 minute assessment to determine your housing needs and work to connect you with available resources.

The Homeless Resource Day Center (HRDC) is run by the Salvation Army. The HRDC is a one-stop-shop for anyone experiencing homelessness or facing a financial crisis. See hours, contact and location info, and a full list of services at:

The Human & Veteran Services Homeless Outreach Team

The Homeless Outreach Team, or H.O.T. is a group of law enforcement, behavioral health, and other professionals who conduct street outreach to those experiencing homelessness, with the main goal of connecting individuals and families to available services. If you spot members of the H.O.T in their distinctive shirts, ask them for help connecting to whatever resources you may need.

Human & Veteran Services Case Management

Lee County Human & Veteran Services has a team of Case Managers dedicated to assisting those in need from beginning to end. Case Managers work with a variety of community partners including, Goodwill, the Lee County School District, Catholic Charities, and Community Assisted Support Living. This allows them to help anyone connect with the resources they need, no matter the struggles they are facing.

Housing Resources

Once an individual or family has applied for assistance through Lee County Human & Veteran Services, Housing Coordinators immediately begin work finding a suitable place to live. Organizations such as the Affordable Homeownership Foundation also provide financial counseling and career resources to help those in need gain stability along with a home.

To learn more, watch this short playlist or visit Lee County Human & Veteran Services.

Find more emergency assistance resources on our Get Help page.

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